Ability to edit form submission

The feature request is, if an option can be available where form fillers get a link in their inbox after submitting the form for any edits they may have. Google provides that option and it really creates so much more flexibility in gathering data. It can fit many use-cases.

If they submit answers to questions and receive feedback, would be awesome if they can edit their own form entry and update it accordingly, instead of having to fill a new form from scratch.

Thank you,
World Empowerment Trust

Announcement: We’ll remove the feature request list category from the forum in the future. You’ll be able to post and upvote feature requests on a separate platform.

In the future, SeaTable will provide a feature to create highly customizable external apps. You can create an app that have one form page and one table page. The table page can list records a user submitted and the user can modify submitted records.