Activities log shows edits of non-authorized tables

I have two tables in my base. Nobody (except the owner) has permissions to the second table. Other users don’t know the existence of the other table, it is not visible in their accounts/views (as expected).
So far so good…

But when a user with no permissions on that table enters the Activities menu, he sees that there are x rows modified in the base. When clicking on the “modifed x rows” link, the user can see the edits the owner made in the table, the table this user has no permissions on!

Looks like the permissions design missed a spot… :slight_smile:

Happy holidays!


It is likely you have shared the base to another one and later unshared it.

Possibly I shared and unshared the base to the user. But that doesn’t explain the behaviour I experience right now. I looked into this again, and the situation is like this:

User 1 had no permissions at all on the base, he doesn’t see the base in his workspace.
User 2, the owner of the base makes some edits in a table.

User 1 logs in again and looks at the Activities. There he sees that there are edits made on the base he has no permissions. He can click on the “modified x rows” and see the contents of the edits made 1 minute ago. When he clicks on the basename he gets a permission denied message. So he can’t open the base, but can see the edits made.

very strange…

This is really a bug. We will fix it soon.