Add a new Base from XLSX

Did anyone import an XLSX table succesfull?
Seatable EE 1.7.1 self hosted
Is there a restricion from the amount of columns or rows point of view?
Added a new Base from XLSX, after app. 2 minutes the following Message shows up:
The Server is Busy, Please try again later

It does not make a difference if there are just a few or many rows?

Can you check the logs in dtable_events_io.log?

The Logfile is empty

Are there any related logs in dtable-events.log?

Hi, dtable-events.log sent via PM

no change, here the procedure:

Seatable EE 1.7.1 self hosted

  1. dtable-events.log (file content cleared to see after import trial new entries only)
    New Base from XLSX startet
    A PopUp shows Up Text: “Import” after app. 2 Min. “The Server is Busy, Please try again later” shows up.
    No entries in dtable-events.log

  2. Export a Base works, a dtable file is created and downloaded


I just have one quick question: We currently only have SeaTable EE 1.7.0. How is it possible that you are using 1.7.1?

I did:

I’m running SeaTable EE 1.7.0 on my self hosted docker (ignore the “Google” logo I customed):


Hi, Ok, could it be a bug in EE 1.7.1 or do I need to change anything in the config files ?
My installation has been done by following the guideline without any custom changes…

My installation was also made according to the manual. I think you have 1.7.0 though, not 1.7.1?
Go to the base library and press F12 and you can see the version number in the consol.

How many rows and columns does your XLSX file have? Or it doesn’t work no matter how big your Excel file is?

I have done different XLSX import trials, 1x with 1 line and anotherone with app. 20 lines
Please find attached the screenshot related to Version 1.7.1

Sorry, my mistake. I didn’t realize the docker image was updated.
Would you please send these two XLSX files to and we’ll have a look?

Hi, the test file has been sent a minute ago via email…

Got it. We’ll take a look and come back to you as fast as possible.