Add new related record in one click


We need the ability to -with one click- add a related record in a given table.

Example: In your “CRM & Sales” template, in the “Opportunities” table, there is a field called “Interactions”. What we really need is a button where we can add a new interaction (with the related Opportunity already filled in).

The idea is that you have an opportunity, and you want to, with minimal clicks, add a quick note about your lates call relating to this opportunity.

What might be a good way to go about this?

Thank you!

This is how I would do it: I would click in the link column and create a new record in the interactions in the link wizard. This is not one click, but very logical.

You can also use the button’s “copy record to other table” action to copy the opportunity id to “Interactions” and then have an automation link the records in the “Opportunities” and “Interactions”. Then you can switch to “Interactions” and fill the newly created row.

If this is not good enough, you can execute a script with a button. The script can populate a row in “Interactions” and then link the new row with the opportunity. The issue is: Where does the info for the row in “Interactions” come from?

We are currently working on the internal app builder. With the app builder, you’ll be able to create internal forms for these kind of tasks.

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