Allow a manual selection of column to fill in the "Select Record to Link" popup


I have a table where the first column is an Auto Number type. From a different table, I need to link to records in the Auto Numbered table.

In the “Select Record to Link” pop-up, I will enter my search text, and if I don’t find the record, I would like to create a new one.

Of course, since the primary column is Auto-Numbered, I can’t store my search text there, which results in me creating an empty record. As a feature request, would there be a way to store the search text in a column other than the primary column for the new record?



Hi Peter,

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. When you type in a search term and it’s not found, you’ll see the button “Add a new record”. When you click on it, you will not create an empty record but a row detail page will pop up, where you can fill in each column of that new record.

So what’s the problem here?


Ah, yes, I can clarify.

Normally the search text itself gets populated into the first column, so after a search, if no record is found, the search text becomes the start of the new record.

In the case described above (where the first column can’t take a string) the search text is discarded, although I would like it to be populated into a different column.

Hope that helps!


OK I understand.

Say we implemented this feature. Now comes the next question: to which column would you like to populate your search term? Then there will be another dialogue, maybe a list of columns for you to choose with the mouse or keyboard. I’m not sure that’ll save your time rather than inputting that search term again in your desired column just as it is now. Would you agree? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hey Karlheinz,

Happy new year!

Yes I agree that there shouldn’t be any new drop-down, picking the column would have to be done in advance by somehow flagging the ‘title’ column in the table.

I’d offer these thoughts on the current implementation:

  1. To add a new record, I am forced to enter some text in the search box. (The “+ Add record” link only shows up after some text has been entered, and then only at the very bottom of the list.)
  2. The typical behaviour, in most cases, is that this text is retained, since most of the time the first column is text. The inconsistency causes some frustration

An alternative solution could simply be to always display the “+Add record” link at the top of the “Add link” pop-up (regardless of any search term being entered), which would solve point #1 above and make #2 pretty minor.