API call to generate a base

Hi People,

The documentation says:

’ SeaTable knows three different tokens

  • An Account-Token authenticates an account API request (=Account Operations) like add a new base, add a group member or list all collaborators of a base. The Account-Token can be generated with the account-credentials.’

But I really can’t find any API call in the reference to do that. What do I miss out?

From the API documentation at https://api.seatable.io:

Get Account Token with Username and Password: SeaTable API Reference

With the account token, you can authorize account operations:

Create base: SeaTable API Reference

Thanks. I have that token part already implemented. But I can not find an API call to create a new base… But the documentation claims that this is possible (marked as bold text)

Ahh, I oversaw your link. thank you very much, that helps :slight_smile:

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