API calls getting exceeded

Hey @cdb, its been a while me and my team have been using seatable and it was a tremendous ride, there were some thing that are need to be sorted which I found while working on it, but those are not that important, I’ll talk about them in detail in next topic.

The main problem for me currently here is API calls. Let me explain you the situation here first.

Actually we are trying to update data from airtable to seatable on a frequent basis. But every time after updating some data it gives us this error.

I did some research and I found out that in self hosted version of seatable we can actually change the api calls. So I tried changing the option of “row_update_limit” to 50000 instead of 5000 but it didn’t work out.

I also read one of your topic on seatable forum.

topic link: https://forum.seatable.io/t/seatable-for-hosting-content-vs-quota-limits/762/10

Here you explained we can reset api calls to unlimited but haven’t mentioned and file name and the format in which we have to do it.

So can you elaborate it here, please?

Thanks in advance

Hey Ayush,

how to increase the limits

api limits are configured in dtable server config file: dtable_server_config - SeaTable Admin Manual.
In this config file you can increase the allowed number of API calls.

how to reset the API counter

The API access attempts are stored in redis and not in the database. Therefore you could try to empty the redis cache to reset the api limits but I would not recomment that and also I did not try it by myself, yet.

general recommendation

in general I would recommend to rethink your API calls if you hit the limits. Here are three optimizations:

  • Use bulk-actions instead of single actions.
  • Don’t run your script every minute but run it every x minutes.
  • Cache the output and only update the cache every hour via API

Thanks Christoph, for your response and for clearing my doubts regarding api calls. I would surely keep in mind the recommendations that you suggested.

Also one more thing to ask regarding the big data view.

As I said previously that we frequently update our data through api from airtable. But when we are trying to perform the same action on big data view we aren’t getting any response.

Whenever we run GET api on big data view, it doesn’t send any response.

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can you tell me which API endpoint do you use to try to get data from a big data view?