Api ping dont work!

i want a simple ping but it dont work but i use the correct token

Hey @Martiking, first of all, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!
We are glad to see you are using SeaTable and its API calls. We are currently working on the SeaTable API documentation, sorry for any unclearness you may encounter for the moment.

The authorization token used for the ping is not the base API token - they are two different tokens. Try this:

obtain auth token

curl -d "username=username@example.com&password=123456" https://cloud.seatable.io/api2/auth-token/

And the response will be:

{"token": "24fd3c026886e3121b2ca630805ed425c272cb96"}

Then, use this auth token in your ping call. Hope this helps!

username is Name ?

mhh dont work:

Username should be the email address you use to login. I have tested it myself just now and it worked. Maybe check your email and password again?

i just tested it but on seatable.com i log in and it works but on the api side not.

are there docs for postman

Sorry, but I cannot reproduce the problem. My last guess would be: perhaps you have a “y” or “z” in your password and in your terminal you have a different input method (like English) than your website? This could cause the inputting of y and z being switched in the password.

but why it dont work with token created on the website like on the first screenshot

To make an auth ping, you can only use an auth token, not a base access token

oh ok i will test it

Not yet, but this is a good question!

Can you show me where i can find my username and send me a example?

Omg i stupid username is the mail.

but now the created token dont work on ping

Hey Martiking,
here a summary of the necessary api calls:

curl -d "username=YOUR-EMAIL&password=YOUR-PASSWORD" https://cloud.seatable.io/api2/auth-token/

Result will be:

curl -H 'Authorization: Token 265356b0a5aaf5d6b2e266a0c12781121ce6cdec' https://cloud.seatable.io/api2/auth/ping/

Result will be:

I hope this will help.
Best regards

thanks now its more clear