API service times?

We have a task that tries to use the API daily, around 3:00 CEST. It seems the API is not always available at that time, although the status page displays green. This weekend was especially bad, we get 403 responses since Saturday. What are the service intervals for the API?

Thanks, Rainer

Dear Mr. Volz,
I am sorry that you have problems with the API. I can confirm that the API was all the time available and usable. The point is that an error code of 403 means “forbidden”. So it seems that you use wrong credentials.

Can you please tell me the following:
a) what is the ip-address of your requests?
b) what api calls did you use?

Please send me this info to support@seatable.io.
Best regards

Hallo Herr Volz,
danke für die Informationen, die Sie an support@seatable.io geschickt haben. Ich werde Ihnen darüber antworten. Ich kann aber jetzt schon sagen, dass dies kein allgemeines API-Problem ist.
Deshalb werde ich auch dieses Ticket schließen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger

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