Automatic Triggers

Is it possible to create a new record based on the criteria of information in a cell?

For example: If have a table called “company” that holds information on Name, Date, Notes. What I would like is if the date matches to say todays date, then a new record is created in a new table called “services” bringing in the name of the first table.

Hi, welcome to the SeaTable Forum! And glad to see you are using SeaTable in depth.

The automation you described could eventually be carried out with external integrations, like Zapier. But the exact automation is not yet available. We are working on it to extend triggers for automations, and will hopefully come back to you in the very next few weeks!

An update after 5 hours:
The automation to add new records and other operations will be possible in a future SeaTable release, possibily in the 1.9!

Cool, thank you for getting back to me on this. I look forward to future releases.

Is there a way to script it?

You are welcome. The automations will be possibly available in the 1.8 which could be deployed by the end of March.

Meanwhile, we already have a SeaTable Scripts Manual, but it’s not yet updated to include informations about how to script automations.

Apart from the technical part: the scripts for Java or Python will be available in the Plus and Enterprise plans, check the SeaTable Plans and Prices for details.

Thank you for your reply.