Bug when copying bases with embedded images


I have a base which includes a long text column, and in that long text column I have pasted images.

I copied the base using the drop-down, then deleted the original base.

The image links are now all broken, and using the browser console I can see that the base ID in the image URL is still referring to the old (deleted) base. It would be good if the base ID for these links got updated when a base is copied.

I’m on version 3.1.13 of the self-hosted version, although if it makes a difference I’m pretty sure I copied the base while I was on version 3.0.

Thanks for the great tool!


Edit: Just to add, copying the URL out of the browser console and manually editing the base ID does still let me retrieve the image.

Hi Peter, I tried to reproduce the problem in SeaTable Cloud. I encountered no such problems. Can you test if the problem persists in 3.1?

Hi Peter,
could your retest the issue?
Best, Ralf

Thanks for looking into the issue. I did some more testing and I think I can explain what I am seeing. A while ago, I changed the URL of my server (see this post:Pictures in long text went missing) which means that many of these links were pointing to the correct base, but the incorrect domain. I found a workaround for that.

Now it looks like when I copied the base, the URLs containing the former domain didn’t get updated with the new base ID. (They now contain an incorrect domain as well as an incorrect base ID.)

The image links which were already pointing to the new domain seem to be fine.

I would consider this just a side-effect of the domain change, so if a future version includes a fix to make a domain name change possible, this would probably also be fixed.



Hi Peter
thanks for your tests.
We are working on the topic you mention. It will take a little time though.
Best, Ralf

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