Button - URL does not work with a Shared View?

Using cloud.seatable.io. I have a Button that has an Open URL action. When trying to share that to our users outside Seatable the button does not work. Is this the correct behavior? How can we just share a link that includes the row id?


This is a known limitation (which will be resolved in the future).

Not sure what you mean. Can you specify?

Yes - the button opens a url of the form: domain.com/{column id}. Any possible workaround? For example can the URL field take a dynamic column value ?

Still not sure I understand what you mean.

Let me try this: Every part of the URL can be pulled from a column (see below).

Problem is that this will not work if we share the table to the public. Was looking for a workaround here.

Is it me? Again, I don’t understand what you mean.

How is your last post related to my comment or your previous post?

Have you been able to solve this topic?

If you continue to need help, could you elaborate on your problem a bit? A bit more context may help me understand the issue at hand.

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