Calculated fields do not show up in generated export file names

Attempt to generate a calculated file name via “Plugins-Page-Design-Settings-File Name” for the export PDF. According to the manual, using values is possible via column names in curly brackets.

  • Test 1 (date of creation, calculated from the creation timestamp (YYYY-MM-DD) fails.
  • Test 2 (simplified, only extraction of the year as YYYY) also fails.

The value does not show up but is visible correctly in the corresponding row/column. Both tests also covered whether the field must be used in the report or not. All combinations led to the same erroneous results: A calculated field is not displayed/used (also no space).

This works for me in the “File name when export to PDF”:

{Create Date}-License_{Users}_{Expire Date}_{Customer}

None of the referenced columns is a formula column though.

I will test with a formula column and get back to you.

I got interesting results!
When creating a PDF via a button, link, formula, and link formula columns can be cited in the PDF file name. In the screenshot below, {Date} is a formula column and {Customer} is a link column.

When I use the name PDF file name directly in the Page Design plugin, the citation of the {Date} and {Customer} columns do not work:

Hence, the quick fix: Do not create the PDFs in the plugin, but use a button.

We’ll fix the issue in one of the next releases.

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