Calendar : additions and some problems to solve

Hello, I tested airtable but was not happy with certain things (e.g. data not in Europe, no downloadable backups,…). That’s when I found Seatable, which seems to be great!

Here are some features related to the calendar, which would be nice additions:

  • show dates/date ranges from two or more date columns in the same or in a different table
  • many different calendar views for each table (like in airtable) and possibility to share them with outside users or sync them with external calendars
  • duplicating events directly in the calendar (with right-click)
  • there are problems to solve with overlapping of events and there should be a little separation between events which follow each other directly (see attached screenshot)
  • general UI/UX improvements (e.g. having the calendar in a modal doesn’t seem right to me, I prefer airtable’s solution)

Maybe some of the above is already possible. As I’m new to Seatable, I might not have found the solution.

Thanks a lot for taking these suggestions into account and keep up the great work!

Hi Paul, welcome to the SeaTable Forum and thanks for your feedback and, of course, your excitement!

The calendar plugin is still under development. Many of the things you pointed out will be available in the future. Give us a little more time. SeaTable is still a young project - SeaTable launched in 2020, Airtable in 2012 -, but we are developing at a break-neck speed. Stay tuned!

Hi rdb, thanks for your reply. I didn’t know that Seatable was that young.

There are not many European low-code databases. I tried Ninox, but didn’t like the experience… and their calendar is really bad.

I’m looking forward to all these new developments!

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