Calendar view regression (2.0 to 2.1, self hosted)

By the way, I’ve got another small question regarding the calendar plugin. Is a copy paste feature planned ? This is really a must have feature for editing calendar events.

Would you specify a little bit? The more details we have, the better a feature request can be listed!

Yes I can, of course !

What would be great would be to have a contextual menu when you right click on an event. This would allow to either : duplicate the event in place (as if you were duplicating a row in the table that contains the events) or copy it in the clipboard. Then if you right click on the calendar anywhere, another contextual menu would allow to paste the event (possibly not in the same week as the original (copied) event.

Is that clear enough ?

Thank you, that’s very clear.

In the calendar, you can drag and drop an “event” which is actually a row from one date to another one. It would be of course even better if you can copy and paste them.

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Do you know the click&pull feature in the calendar menu?


In other words: You can already create new events in the calendar view. I would say this is even more elegant than the context menu option you propose.

This said: I realize that you cannot copy/duplicate events this way.

Yes I’m aware of click+pull and of the possibility of moving events once created. They are very convenient, the only missing feature is duplication / copy paste.

By the way there is another “bug” or missing feature in the calendar plugin (unless I missed something). Only the month view can be printed, the other views are not available / proposed when clicking the print icon. It’s a pity because (for me) the most frequently used views are the week view and the agenda.

The printing menu is in the same level as the view of the calendar, and we currently only have a month view. So this is rather a feature request than a bug. I will list this!

Why do you say there is only a month view for the calendar ? There is a year, month, week, day and agenda view in the plugin. Or maybe we are not talking about the same “view” ?

I meant for the printing: When you print, it’ll only print out a month view.

Ok, I got it :smiley: !
So this is definitely a “missing” feature.

Hi there! SeaTable 2.2 is now available and the regression ought to be fixed. Could I ask you to test and mark this topic as solved if it is?

Thank you for this new version. Unfortunately the regression is not fixed. In fact it is partially fixed… It now works for calculated fields if the output is a number, but if the output is a text string it still does not show anything :-(.
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Hi there, I am not sure I understand.

My tests have all been successful (as demonstrated in the screenshot below):

I used a calculated column for the title and a calculated end date.

Well this is really strange because on my side it works for some fields but not others.
In particular I have a summary (résumé) field (see below) and the calendar view does not want to show it in the title of the events (but it works with the week (semaine) field)…

See next post for the other screenshot.

Here is the screenshot when using the ‘summary’ calculated field…

That is bizarre.

I just tested again using your column name “résumé”. I was thinking “maby there is an issue with the non-asci characters”. But there isn’t. I had no problems.

If you want us to investigate further, could you send an invite link for this base to

Unfortunately I cannot send you an invite link to this database as it is (for the moment) hosted on an intranet only server. But I guess a .dtable export of the database might contain everything needed to reproduce the base ? If so I can send the file to

I found the problem !

The formula I use for the “Résumé” column mixes multiple other columns using conditions (if the field is filled or not for example). Not problem on that side, but… one of the columns I use in the formula was hidden. This is not a problem in the tabular view (everything is calculated correctly), but the calendar view refuses to display hidden columns (even if they are listed in the dropdown lists) and (more tricky) fails to display a calculated column if it is referring to a hidden column.

Unhiding the hidden columns solves the problem… (but maybe it is a bug, or it should be more explicit that hidden columns will cause problems with the calendar view).

Indeed, one might say that the formula shouldn’t display hidden columns in the calendar view but it’s a different case in the table view. The behavior should be unified. I wouldn’t say it’s really a bug, but just an imperfection at the moment!