Change the date-time display

Hi! Is it possible to change the display so that the time is indicated at the beginning, and only then the date?

Short answer: no.
Long answer: currently it is not possible to define a custom date format, and you can only select between the available ones. You can propose this as an idea in at

ok, thanks for the quick response

maybe there are some ways to separate time from date using a formula?

Maybe you can use date and text formula to separate time into special format


I love that idea. Thanks for this hint.

You are welcome. Hope there are more efficient and powerful methods.

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thank you very much, your formula works, but for some reason there is no zero in the integers at the end, for example, 16:00 is displayed as 16:0.
Is there any way to fix this?

Filling with leading zeros is tricky in SeaTable. You can achieve it with the following formula for each value.

if(month(today()) < 10, left("00", 2 - len(month(today()))), '') & month(today())

I guess it’s possible with these three operators:
len(“SeaTable”) = 8
rept(“Sea”, 3) = “SeaSeaSea”
if(1 > 2, 1, 2) = 2
But so far, nothing is working out for me…

Did you try the formula?

your answer is good, but not for my case.
I solved the problem as follows:
hour({date}) &":"&if(minute({date}) = 0, minute({date})&0, minute({date}))

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