Color cell based on other column

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I’m new to SeaTable and am stuck with an issue I couldn’t find any information on.

Here is what I’m trying to do:

  • I have a base of items.
  • Items have a name, type and serial number. (columns)

I would like to color the serial number cell red under these conditions:

  • The serial number cell itself is empty
  • And the item is of type “xyz”.

I’m not able to do that right now because the “Color column cells” option of serial number doesn’t allow me to reference the type column.
There is a dropdown, but it has only one option - serial number.

Is this a limitation of my license or am I approaching this wrong?
Any ideas how I might solve this would be appreciated!


Conditional formatting is limited to the values of the cell. It cannot refer to values in other columns

Feel free to add a feature request at

Thanks @rdb for letting me know!
I’ll definitely add this to the ideas.

I find it very confusing that there is a dropdown if it has no function. :thinking:

Hi @Johannes.

I’ve solved that problem in my bases with an indicator column. The type would be a formula where you can define different cases and on that base you can colorize the formula column.

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