Column type Creation Date?

Hi there,
I am looking for the column type “Creation date” which automatically specifies the date of the new data record. Or how is it implemented in Seatable?

Hi, what you are looking for is here:

Notice: The first column cannot be of this type.

At the moment I’m using the free Seatable version. There is no “creation time”. But good to know.

This is very strange. So you installed a self-hosted Developer Edition? Which version number do you have? The latest version is 2.3.1 by the way.

I have two versions on duty. Once the cloud free and a self-hosted version 2.3 ?.latesd.
To try. Maybe the free version is enough for my requirements.

You are converting an existing column, so creation time column is not there.

Just create a new column by click “+” button.

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