Common dataset with "link to other record" column

I have created some common datasets with a table where I have a column as “link to other record”.
In one of the tables the link to other record points to the same table (I am selecting a parent record).
In another table I have a link to other records which points to another table. Also the other table is published as common dataset.

When I am importing the common datasets in another base all columns “link to another record” are not working.

Example1: link to same table

Imported as common dataset:

Example2: link to another table (other table also published as common dataset)

Imported as common dataset

Is there any way to support also linked records in common datasets?

Thank you

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“Link to other records” and “Formula” columns are not supported in the common dataset.

I understand you would like to share your base with others in the group but would like to customize the permission (who can see what)? Then there is already such a feature that’s very convenient: Custom Sharing Permission.

With this feature, you don’t need to constantly manually sync data between two bases, but can use only one base for different users and have full control, who can see what and who can change what.

Hi Karlheinz

thank you for your Feedback.Well,thats not really only a permission of permissions, the 2 bases are handling completely different data… for logical reasons they should be separated. Connecting them over common datasets would be a great solution which at the end works only well when linked data would work…
Ok, so we have to find another solution for that

Thank you

You are welcome! And sorry for the inconvenience. I believe the common dataset will support linked records soon. Have already listed that as a feature request.

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I regularly get across a situation when I think: ‘Okay, seeing linked records in Common Datasets would be really nice to have.’ A couple of times I was trying to find a workaround and used formulas to concatenate text from linked records, but apparently Formulas don’t seem to be working as part of Common Datasets either.

I never wrote about it because using the Common Dateset feature ALONE is already a lifesaver for me and it works so nicely in our workflow. Linked Record support in Common Datasets is something that will be unimaginably cool. But either way, even without it, current functionality and value is unmatched by other solutions. With these and other core features being planned I feel very confident the SeaTable team is doing a fantastic job focusing on really important things that make actual difference. Very happy to have found it!

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Thank you dimitri, for your kind words! Happy to hear that SeaTable is helping your workflow!

Any ETA for this so important feature?

Unfortunately not.

Being on our list of feature requests does not mean immediate implementation. As you can imagine, this list is getting longer by the day.