Common Datasets no longer available

Great work BTW but there seems to be a problem with Common Datasets in 3.1.x!
In SeaTable 3.0.16 the Common Dataset feature is available, in 3.1.12 / 3.1.13 it’s gone.
Did I missed something, is it because of the high temperature or can we call it a bug?

Common datasets work just fine in SeaTable 3.1.12. I can say this with certainty because I just tested it. (I did not test SeaTable 3.1.13, but I am very certain it works in the latest build too.)

Where exactly is your problem? Creating a CDS? Sharing a CDS? Importing a CDS? Are your running SeaTable on your own server? (I’d be great if you provided all this info when opening a topic.)

Sorry because of the missing details. I thought it would be a obviously general problem.
Problem: if I try to create a CDS there is no option for it. Clicking on the three dots, the option to create CDS in no longer present.
We testet this with a Cloud Account (free) on v.3.1.12 and an on premise Enterprise Account v.3.1.13
Same problem on all accounts I checked.

Did you also try with a group-owned base? (Private bases do not support CDS.)

Thanks, that’s the key clue!
Have a nice day!

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