Compare and Diff of 2 linked columns

Good morning. Iam a bit lost with a small problem:

I have a linked column stations, which holds a list of stations a person has to pass through inprocessing.
I have another linked column, that holds the signatures for the already passed stations.

So it is quite simple to calculate the number of stations still to go.
Now, i want to have in another column the LIST of stations, a user still has to go. So basically, which stations do not yet have a corresponding signature. And I am completely lost.

Any idea someone?

Hi Gerald,

you could work with a Link formula and Lookup, and then add the condition to show the stations that don’t have a signature stored yet.

If I didn’t understand your case correctly, feel free to send me a screenshot of it.

Could you provide a little more information? Otherwise, we’ll assume that the problem has been solved.

Oh, sorry. Of course.
Table Laufzettel holds users, stations and signatures for completed stations.
What I have now is 2 columns with links to stations and signatures like this:

Now, I’d love to have a third column next to those two, containing the stations not yet signed. (Station 7 and 9)

Station List is a table consisting of Station name and location, Siganture List is a table consisting of a link to Station List and Laufzettel and the signature. So what both columns have in common, is a link to Station List.

SeaTable does not have a native function to do what you wish to do.

You can write a script that returns the links in “ZuAbsolvieren” that are not in “Unterschriften” and that writes those in a third column.

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