Comparing text in one column with a column in another table

I have an Integromat module running which takes registrations for a course from a contact form (Contact Form 7 running on a WordPress site) and adds it to SeaTable. When a registration form is submitted, the ID of the course is entered in a column called “External Registration” in the “Customers” table.

In the “Customers” table, there is a “Registered Courses” column which links to the courses in the “Workshops & Seminars” table. At the moment, when an external registration arrives, I have to manually match the course received in the “External Registration” column to the correct course in the “Registered Courses” column. The person is then added to the “Participants” column in the “Workshops & Seminars” table.

What I want is to automatically add the participant to the selected course and update the “Registered Courses” so that this course is also linked to each individual customer when a registration form is sent.

Please have a look at the “data processing operation” named ‘auto add link’. (All data processing operations are available in all plans.)

Hey rdb,

Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate the speed with which you get back to queries. And your help really is useful.

I added an “auto add link” rule (see screenshot). What it does is it allows me to press the “execute/run” button (sorry, I have the German version, don’t know what the button is called) and then it compares/matches records. What I would like is for this to happen automatically, without needing to press the button. Am I missing something?

Hey webdienste,

you are not missing anything! You are right - the data processing can only be triggered manually.
One would probably think about Automation Rules (Enterprise feature) but currently, it doesn’t support comparing values in two columns yet.

So I’m afraid your specific request can only be carried out with a 3rd party automation for the moment, for example, Integromat.

Thanks for clarifying that Karlheinz. The Auto Add Link feature is very very useful!

Be patient! SeaTable v2.6 will satisfy you.

Always good to hear :grin:

SeaTable 2.6 can run auto add link via an automation. Check it out!

Keep in mind: Automations is exclusively available in our Enterprise plan.

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