Connect calendar plugin with external calendar

I’m not sure if this has been asked or requested before but if so I wasn’t able to find it.

I was wondering if there was a way to connect and sync a SeaTable calendar (basically the way it is displayed in the plugin) with an external calendar like iCal or Google calendar. If so what would be the way to go about this? Does this only work with 3rd party tools like Zapier (which we would like to avoid if possible) or is there a direct way via scripting maybe?

TIA for any pointers into the right direction!

You are not wrong - it’s not possible yet.

But for a near future release, we’re planning to give the plugins (Calendar, Timeline, Kanban, etc.) an external view. So I would predict, that when the SeaTable Calendar can be used as an external service, it wouldn’t be necessary to use other calendar services any more. But this is just my guess!

I know customers that manage their shift plans with SeaTable. Once the shift plan is final, the data is transferred to Google Calendar so that staff has it on their smart phones. They use Zapier.

You can do all of that on your own using SeaTable’s API. Zapier is doing nothing different. But it’s a lot of extra work.

A native integration with iCal or Google Calendar is currently not planned.

Thank you for your replies! I will have a look at the API when time allows!

I forgot mentioning: With an n8n node, you won’t need to use Zapier or another cloud service to connect SeaTable with Google Calendar. n8n offers a self-hosted option. This may be what you need.

We are working on an n8n node. But I am not prepared to commit a date. Sorry.

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Absolutely, looking forward to n8n support for SeaTable. Thanks for the information!!!

Did anyone succeed in sending events to a calendar through n8n ??