Copy & Paste of items not working?

I have a table. Different Column-Types. Now I want to move DONE & ARCHIVED Items to an ARCHIVE-Version of this table, to get items out of the way. No way possible! All info in columns containing relations to other tables is lost. Also there is no way to export and import the items. I’m lost. Thx for help, Hagen

PS: Using a button to copy the item to another table … also doesn’t work

??? For real? Nobody has an idea?

Link columns can’t be copy & paste between different tables. The best way is to use archiving feature if you want to archive rows.

Thank you so far … so now I searched for quite some time for this “archiving”-feature. I guess I tried every menu and button at least twice. WHERE IS IT?

Hey Hagen,
archiving feature is still in beta and therefore not activated for
There are different possibilities to copy / backup / save data. It depends of the use case you have. Here are some of the options you have

  • lock the columns
  • export base as dtable
  • create a snapshot
  • sync with common dataset
  • use the api
  • use a python script

Best regards

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