Copy&pasting of European date formats fixed, but not of numbers

I’ve just upgrade the DE to 3.0.
I can finally copy/paste european formatted dates from excel without a glitch.
Sadly, that’s not the same for numbers.
I still can’t paste a 12,3 number from excel to seatable column formatted as number with comma.
When I paste it, I get a 123
But when i paste an excel cell containing 12.3 ; result in seatable is 12,3
So it’s still buggy there.
Please fix it, it’s a nightmare to explain to users that they need to search and replace all comma with points before copy/pasting…

We will check the problem.

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A fix will be available in SeaTable 3.0

I’m already running 3.0 :slight_smile:

The release version of SeaTable Server Enterprise Edition v3.0 will include a fix for the issue above.

As a SeaTable Developer Edition user, you’ll have to wait till v3.1.

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We updated SeaTable Cloud to version 3.0 this morning. The problem should be fixed.

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