Crash when changing background color of button

hi Seatable-team

I am on the cloud version. My browser screen goes completely empty when I try to change the color of a button-field.

Kind regards

Hi, thanks for your report. This is a known issue with 2.3.5. We are upgrading to 2.4 this evening or tomorrow morning, from then on the problem will be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the patience!

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Ah. Then the change log message was a bit to soon. It stated that the change was released on october 18

You are right! The changelog has been updated today but it’s not too soon, as the release will be done very late tonight :grinning:

At least all the regular forum visitors now know they can expect some nice new features tomorow😄

Hey FolkertH, will be updated to version 2.4 by tomorrow 6.30am.
This will fix your problem.
Best regards

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