Create rows with REST API/Linked-Column - any news?

I would like to know if there is now a way to append a row with linked column since the last person who inquired : Create rows with REST API/Linked-Column

Please append the row and then link the row.

Append Row(s) gives me this result

    "inserted_row_count": 1

Yet Create Row Link(s) requires the row’s _id.
Is there a way to get the _id of the newly created row through the Append Row(s) call or am I missing something ?

Thank you in advance

Oh I see ! The API has changed recently and if I update to the new version (4.4) I get more in the API response. Thanks for your help.

  "inserted_row_count": 3,
  "row_ids": [
      "_id": "Bko1e60YT-egit2SljWSZA"
      "_id": "RzeUwIhFSp-iNi81-bZvpA"
  "first_row": {
    "0000": "Second new row",
    "_id": "Bko1e60YT-egit2SljWSZA",
    "_creator": "123456786569491ba42905bf1647fd3f@auth.local",
    "_last_modifier": "123456786569491ba42905bf1647fd3f@auth.local"
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