Ctrl+F not working for linked fields

On snapshot above, searching (Ctrl+F) “Ma” works with all fields except the linked field
→ Manfisa not matched

This is a duplicate to this issue here: Group By linked fill - #5 by daniel.pan

From our point of view, this is not necessarily a bug (though it may seem like one).

This is actually not the same issue.

We will check why link column can’t be searched when searching in the table.

This is uniquely a problem when the column to display is a single select column. (The problem does not exist with multiple select columns because the column type cannot be chose as column to display.)

That’s not a big issue because you can use the webbrowser search menu.
Yet the ctrl+f is very usefull for quick search information and it is shorcuiting the ctrl+f of the webbrowser

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