Custom permission on Cloud version


I read some discussions on the use of custom permissions in de self hosted Developer vs Enterprise versions.

I am using the Cloud version and it looks like the Custom Permissions are gone after the upgrade to 1.6. The option I had before isn’t there anymore. See the screenshot below which I received from Ralph in a previous post. Ain’t there anymore… Is this als gone to the enterprise edition?

Hi Peter, I remember making that screenshot!
Custom sharing permissions, the feature pointed at in the screenshot, belongs to the advanced permissions which are exclusive to the paid plans (Plus and Enterprise). They are not part of the Free plan. (Custom permissions were included in the Free plan when they were introduced in version 1.5, but this was a never supposed to happen. We rectified this mistake with the update to version 1.6.)
Best, Ralf

Hi Ralf,

thanks for your quick response, not happy with the answer but I understand…
I don’t know the roadmap for these kind of functionalities which are part of the paid plan, but perhaps a change on the Pricing webpage is necessary to prevent surprises…

(for your todo-list :slight_smile: )

Hi Peter, our web designers are a bit behind. That is true. Sorry for that.
An update of the pricing site has been drafted (I have seen it) and I was said it would be updated shortly.

Regarding the paid plans:
If I would like to use the custom permissions, I have to upgrade to the paid Plus plan.
Am I as a developer of a Base the only one needing an upgrade, or do all my Read/Write collaborators need to upgrade?

This question seems to escaped your attention.
(We are spoiled with the quick replies of you guys :slight_smile: )

Hi, I don’t know why we didn’t see your question here, it’s been 4 days. Sorry!
To your question: all the read&write collaborators have to be inside of one organization. For one organization, there’s only one plan: Free, Plus, or Enterprise. Then, for the paid plans Plus and Enterprise, the total price depends on how many active users you have in the organization.

Our Prices page has been updated during the last days, btw:

How do you define “inside one organisation”. What is a organisation in this context?

When you register a new account on, you are registering your own “organization” and will automatically become the “organization administrator” of your organization.

After logged in, click on your avatar and you’ll see “organization administration” in the menu:
Screenshot from 2021-01-19 17-18-53

The is a big container of different organizations. Each organization is considered as a customer account. Inside each organization, the org-admin can add new users to the org and these users are the members of this org. Their activities are limited inside of this organization and cannot access any data from other organizations. Also, no matter if you are an org-admin or a member of the org, you cannot realize that there are other organizations: you cannot see the name or members of any other organizations.

I hope I’ve made it clear? :joy:

Hi, would it be possible to create a comment-only permission? Requesting changes to the base admin.

I think the product team is discussing about this feature. Stay tuned!

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