Custom View Permissions / Custom Sharing Permissions

Hi all

Is it possible to define custom permissions to to a View?

The example would be to offer a view of the table, with multiple hidden columns, to a subset of users.

It sounds like this new feature ‘Custom Sharing Permissions’ allows this, but I I can’t seem to spot where to configure custom permissions on a view.



The content of this post is outdated!

Hi Asher,

yes, you can custom share a view!
Are you using the cloud version? As the custom share permission is available from SeaTable 1.5.0. If your version is higher than this, or if you are using which is on 1.5.2 now (will be updated to 1.6.2 this week), you can use the custom share permissions for your views too!


  1. Open your base and click the share button in the top right corner:

  2. In the pop-over dialog, click on the Permission dropdown and then “+ Add custom permission”

  3. After clicking on the button “Add permission”, you’ll see the list of views and tables with permissions:

  4. Now, you can select whichever table or view to be read-write or read-only and give this combination of permissions a name and a description. The unselected items are not visible with this permission.

  5. This combination is then selectable in your list of permissions. You can select a user or a group and assign this permission.

This week, we’ll upgrade SeaTable to 1.6.2 on By then, you’ll be able to:

  • Change custom share permissions directly from the base library, and
  • Edit existing custom share permissions directly from the sharing dialog.

A kind reminder: the custom share permission is only available in plus and enterprise plan right now.

Hi Daniel, we host SeaTable and are on the Community Edition. Is custom sharing a feature on this edition? Or the Pro edition?



Hi Karlheinz

We are hosting SeaTable and are currently on version 1.5. Do we have the ability to configure custom share permissions on the hosted versions?

Thanks for the great guide above, I’m sure it will help others too!

Hi Asher,

if you are using 1.5 then you should already have custom share permissions following the steps above. Would you like to try and see if it’s there?

Hi Karlheinz

I followed your guide and this works great :slight_smile:

It was slightly confusing that we couldn’t share the View to a user that was already in the group that has permission to the base(table?), but I think this can be solved with a group that have admin/edit, and a group that can only read/see a specific view.

Sorry to tack another question on the end here, but is there a limit to the number of users we can create accounts for on the self-hosted Community edition?

Thanks again for the great support!


Happy to help!

And for your last question: @rdb can you give us a hint?

The Community Edition (which will be renamed developer edition shortly) has no technical limits in terms of users, rows and storage. If there are any limits, it is your hardware.

The custom sharing permissions is not intended to be included in the community edition. It is an enterprise edition only feature. I’m sorry, if it is there in version 1.5 community edition, it is a mistake and will be removed in version 1.6.

Hi Daniel

That is a shame!

Are custom sharing permissions available with the ‘Pro’ hosted edition?



Is this confirmed? :scream: Because it IS in the 1.5 self-hosted version. If this gets removed it basically makes the community (developer) version close to useless. How can a self hosted installation be switched to the enterprise/pro version and will this be a paid feature?

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This is definitive.

The Developer Edition (formerly Community Edition) is - with regards to user functions and features - identical to the Free plan on the Cloud platform.

The Developer Edition has no technical limits in terms of users, storage, rows, … , has almost all user-oriented features of the Enterprise Edition, and it comes free of charge. Only a handful of advanced permissions are not included in Developer. We hope that the Developer Edition is still a very attractive proposition.

The Enterprise Edition ships with the complete features set including view sharing, row locking, column permissions and custom sharing permissions (referred to as advanced permissions above). It is not free of charge though.

You can upgrade from SeaTable DE to EE. We’ll soon provide upgrade instructions in the manual.

All advanced permissions (including custom sharing permission, row locking, column permissions and view sharing) will be available beginning with our Plus plan (7€ per month/user). Custom sharing permissions, togehter with the other advanced permission, are of course also included in the more expensive Enterprise plan. (You mention a Pro edition, which we don’t have. So I was a bit more wordy.)

Sorry for not making this more clear on the website. Our webmasters are working hard to change the corresponding pricing and features page.

Hi rbd

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I mentioned Pro because that’s how it reads on our self-hosted version 1.5


7 Euros a month would be OK for users with more than just read access, but this is unlikely to be considered if we need to cover 1000 staff (950 with read).

I was looking at sharing a custom view anonymously in light of the custom view sharing permissions discussions but it seems you cannot anonymously share a specific view?



The anonymous external link for a single view is not supported, sorry! Currently, you can only generate external links for a whole base.

I have to come back to this once more. Can you please specify more in detail which kind of permissions will be available in the upcoming 1.6 self hosted developer edition. Will there be no permission settings at all anymore? What will happen to the permissions that were already set in v1.5? This is crucial for an ongoing project and if permissions have been completely stripped this would prevent us from upgrading to the latest version (which would be a bummer as especially the new linked record features were awaited eagerly). Also what is the timeframe for the enterprise edition and the pricing you have in mind for it? We are a small company in and if this goes into a per user/per month subscription model our current Covid related financial situation might not allow for that kind of investment for 100s of potential (external) users.

Thank you for clarification!

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Hi Pueblo,
I understand your concern. Let me try to clarify.

The Developer Edition includes ALL permissions with the following exception:

1.) Column permissions (available via column header)

2.) Row locking (available via right click on a row)

3.) Custom permissions (available via sharing dialog)

4.) View sharing (which is a shortcut for a very restrictive custom permission)

Hence, you will still be able to use all these functions:

  • Base sharing (read-only/read-write)
  • Invite links
  • External links
  • Website embedding of tables

The biggest restrictions of the Developer Edition originates from the absence of the custom permissions. They make it possible to collaborate on a very large data set (multiple tables, all data in one spot) with various user type and their different access levels. Without custom permissions, you have to spead the data over multiple bases if you don’t want some users to see particular data.

Hi Karlheinz

Thank you for the response. In light of the above, it sounds like we would need to upgrade our hosted version to Enterprise to have the custom view permissions included.

Can you point me in the direction of the costs for this? E.g. a monthly/perpetual license, user costs etc?



My colleague @rdb will get in touch with you shortly!