Customize login page

Hi all,

a simple question: I may be blind reading the manual, but is there any way to customize the text of the login page?

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Hey sikreutz,

SeaTable offers a templating mechanism like Seafile. (Seahub customization - Seafile Admin Manual). Unfortunately we haven’t yet add the documentation to SeaTable manual.

Here is a short explanation to customize the login page:

# enter the docker container
docker exec -it seatable bash

# create the forder structure for the custom html pages
mkdir -p /opt/seatable/seahub-data/custom/templates/registration/

# copy the original login.html to your custom templates folder
cd /opt/seatable/seatable-server-latest/dtable-web/seahub/templates/registration
cp login.html /opt/seatable/seahub-data/custom/templates/registration

# customize the login.html in the custom/templates folder with the editor of your choice
vim /opt/seatable/seahub-data/custom/templates/registration/login.html

# don't forget to restart seatable restart

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