Data Collection Table with link to other records

I am trying a bit with the forms and figured out, that for the traditional form I can pick data from a “link to other records” column. If I design a data collection table-form this is not possible. In this form i see the +button to add something in the field, but no list for picking up the data will occure. Is it a bug or just under development?

The data collection table has a permission control for the filling user, so that

  • they can only access data from the current table
  • they can only access data that are entered by themselves

So if your “link other records” is linked to another table, the behavior is just as you have described. If this column is linked to the current table, you should see the candidate records when you press “+”.

In summary: This is not a bug, but an intended behavior. If you need your participants to use the “link to other records” feature, try using a form instead!