Date inputs don't work

I have a column defined as a date.It has a format DD.MM.JJJJ (German). Some dates work as a typed in input and some don’t. Haven’t found out a pattern yet, why this might not be working.

If I click on the date in the calendar it works. If I type the date in the field above, some dates don’t work.


Would be very grateful for a solution.

I found the bug. The date input is MM.DD.YYYY even though the date column is defined as DD.MM.YYYY. Can this be fixed?

Thanks for reporting the issue. It will be fixed in the next 3.0 version.

@daniel.pan Is there any foreseen release date for the version 3.0?

Version 3.0 should be available before the end of May.

I really hope that date entry will be fixed. As its current state, that’s a mess.
Even when a format is chosen for the colum (ISO, european…) the date picker pop-up asks for MM/DD/YYYY
and copy/pasting from excel is also broken.
By the way, I hope that copy/pasting float number will also be fixed in this major version.
being unable to paste 12,3 in a cell is just a nightmare. At the moment, I get a 123 in my cell…

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