Date type cannot set a specific minute

I have a date type with “Accurate to minute” flag set.

I noticed that there is the possibility to choose time with :00 and :30 minutes.
There is also a manual entry box where I can write a different date/time but it seems that it doesn’t save the manual input.

Here’s a short screen capture Storage Share
to better explain.

I confirm the issue - to some degree.

  1. The issue affects the four format types in different ways. As per my quick tests, the ISO and American format are not affected at all. The German/Russian date format is affected the most.
  2. ISO or American format: the observed behavior is the desired behavior.
  3. European format: some manually entered minute values are saved, some are not; no obvious pattern
  4. German/Russian: no manually entered minute value is saved


I can’t reproduce the problem. Maybe it is fixed in version 3.0.

I tested with 2.8.12.

I cannot reproduce the problem in 3.0 either.

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