Difficulties to import xls files in free version

Hi, we wonder to use seatable as our CRM so we try to test.

When importing a xls file about 10 rows, everything is OK. When importing something like 4000 rows, it says “succes”, but our data are not imported (no new sheet). DO you know what can be the issue?

Hi, you need to specify what exactly you did.
Because “import Excel” can be, to create a new base, or to create a new table, or to update a table’s data with Excel.

Hi, Sorry, I triyed to import datas to a new “sheet” from xls fileseatable (it’s not visible on that gif but I obvisoulsy click on “soumettre” when the datas are displayed)

OK I roughly understood what you were doing.
Are you using the cloud.seatable.io or self-hosted?
If you are using the cloud: how many rows do you already have in your account?
If self-hosted, which version are you using?

We get 23 lines in our tables on cloud.seatable.io

Would you please send your Excel file to support@seatable.io? We could have a look if that’s ok for you. Your data is safe with us, of course!

Has your problem been solved?

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