Display more than 10 linked records in row details


I was very much appreciating the new feature in version 2.1 where the ‘…’ button in the row details pop-up was clickable to show more linked records, in case there were more than 10 linked records. There seems to be a bug in 2.2.6 where the ‘…’ button itself is not showing anymore, so it is no longer even obvious that there are more than 10 linked records. Just wanted to flag this to make sure you were aware.



I confirm: When there are more than 10 linked records, the row details page does not show that:

Someone reported a similar problem just yesterday and it was noted as an issue. Thanks for the report anyway!

I’m glad to come back to this post to inform that this issue has been solved in the 2.3.3 which will come out soon.

Great to hear, thank you.

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