Django Internal Server Error


my configuration:
SeaTable EE, self-hosted (seatable/seatable-ee:latest), version 2.3.5
clean installation, one superuser, one simple test base created

I get “error” when trying to access “scripts” in system administration & when trying to add a new script in a base. Only log information is:

root@5ade48385fae:/opt/seatable/logs# cat dtable_web.log
2021-09-18 07:00:19,818 [ERROR] django.request:228 log_response Internal Server Error: /api/v2.1/admin/scripts-tasks/

Any clue where I can look for further investigation?

Thanks & greetings, Andreas

After I deleted and reinstalled SeaTable + MariaDB containers and their configuration a few times, the problem was suddenly gone.

Such sporadic errors may happen. It may also be due to my runtime environment. But for the operation of a commercial instance on own servers such problems represent a not insignificant uncertainty.

Issue may be closed.

Greetings Andreas

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