Dtable files cannot be exported


Since today I have a serious problem with the cloud version: I can no longer export a base (*.dtable). When I try to do so, I get the message, “The server is busy. Try again later”.
I have created a new, empty base. This cannot be exported either. Tables can be exported but not dtable files.

U p d a t e :

This morning (29.09.) the export is working again. Were there problems with the server? This is the second time this has happened in the short time I have been working with “SeaTable”.

By the way: Where can I see the current version number in the cloud version? Something like this could also happen through a software update. Or?

Hello, thanks for your post. Apologies for the inconvenience since yesterday: We have solved this problem this morning and are looking into the exact cause of that problem.

To see the current version of the cloud version, visit

Hello Karlheinz,
thanks for the explanation and the link!

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