Effect of row locking on formula columns

I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature.

Context 2 tables:

  • “clients” with a “conversion_rate” field that can change in the time.
  • “recharges” where I record the history of the top-ups with a link to “clients.client_name” and “clients.conversion_rate” and a calculated field with a formula.
    The formula converts a recharge in euro into an internal currency named “token”.
    This calculated valued of course have to be locked even if I change the conversion_rate in the future.
    I expected that locking the row would do the job, but on the contrary the calculated field is not locked as the other fields and is recalculated all the times.

Locking a row only prevents values from being manually modified by user input.

Values in, say, link formula columns or link columns change when the data in the linked table is modified. The same thing goes for formula columns when they use values from these columns.

Just for completeness: Values in locked rows can also be modified using the API (i.e., a script).

I took the liberty of rewording your topic to make it more descriptive.

OK @rdb . Thank you for the clarification!

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