Email sending log file


I am using Seatable version 1.6,
I tried to configured SMTP mail follow the guide at


EMAIL_HOST = ‘my-smtp-server’ # smpt server

EMAIL_HOST_USER = ‘’ # no username and domain required

EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = ‘’ # no password required




I when test the send mail function, using reset password to trigger sending mail, I got error:
Successfully reset password to QE93U1jX9X, but failed to send email to <…>, please check your email configuration.
I see the guide note"
Note : If your email service still does not work, you can checkout the log file logs/seahub.log to see what may cause the problem.” But I cannot find the log to debug the problem.

Please tell me how can I find log files, or what wrong, the STMP server above works correctly, so I assume it is not problem come from the sever. I have simple Python code run on the host, where docker run, it send email successfull using this server.

Thank you very much.

The log file is logs/dtable_web.log . We have corrected the document. If you still have the problem, you can look into Django’s document on mail configuration.

Thank you, I can see the log now,
It seems that the DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL = EMAIL_HOST_USER, cannot set to be blank, I set to something else and it works
Thank you again.