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I am trying to embed iframe in sharepoint like below. However, I am facing issues where cloud.seatable.io refused to connect. This only work ok if I use the external read only link but I need to use the read-write so that I can collaborate with my colleague through our intranet.

Digging further into the problem, this seems to be related to samesite attribute, see the messgae displayed in Firefox:

Could you please help,

Unforatunately, this use is not supported: CSRF verification failed when logging into invitation link in embedded iframe - #3 by cdb

Thanks for your reply. This is too bad, we thought seatable is flexible enough. As we are proved wrong, we are back to search for other alternatives!

My comment relates to SeaTable Cloud, our SAAS offering.

You can host your own SeaTable instance and configure it the way you want. If you run SeaTable Server behind a firewall, where click-jacking is much less of a threat, a softened approach re. iframes makes sense.

Thank you. Yes, that makes perfect sense. We’ll consider the dedicated server approach.

I’ve looked at other alternatives and found https://app.startinfinity.com/. They have very similar features like Seatable. The most interesting feature for teams like us who work from inside Microsoft Sharepoint, is the ability to embed editable iframes from Infinity boards. This is useful as the majority of the team needs to work on a particular table with a simple view. One or two people who manage the database can worry about the complex parts of the database.

I must say that I feel very disappointed that there seems no solution to this problem in Seatable Cloud, despite that Seatable seems more powerful than Infinity. Sadly, as Seatable Cloud is not editable inside Sharepoint, it does not match our workflow and so it is not a good fit for us. Running Seatable server is too much for us at this stage - we looking for simple solutions rather than complicated ones! :cry: :disappointed_relieved:

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