Empty fields in row detail view display wrong information

We have v1.4 (self hosted) running on our server. I discovered a strange bug where in the row detail view the information from a previous (filled) field is carried over to the next (empty) field. This seems to be exclusive to the long text field type. With the normal text field type I couldn’t reproduce the bug. Also in the table view the information is displayed correctly.

It looks like SeaTable doesn’t like empty long text fields :slight_smile:

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Hey pueblo, first of all, welcome to the SeaTable Forum! Glad to hear that you are using SeaTable on your server. Thanks for letting us know what you have found! The problem with row details page is a known issue: It not only “doesn’t like” empty long text fields, but also empty linked column fields…:joy:

As this issue is known, it will hopefully be fixed in the very next release. Thanks in advance for the patience!

Thank you for your quick reply Karlheinz!

I understand. Hopefully you will find the time to fix this soon as we already ran into some misunderstandings with our team because of this :sweat:

Keep up the good work!

Exactly! That’s why we have marked this bug as “very urgent”. Thanks for your kind words!