Enter after Paste and Match Style removes sentence

Continuing the discussion from Text I paste in a long text field is pasted as image:

Because pasting some text from an other application into a long text files gave some problems (see the above Topic), the solution presented was to use the RightMouse and Paste and Match style to paste the text in a long text field.

I thing since the last update this doesn’t work anymore.
I enter some text in a long text field, and paste some text (past and match stye) directly after the existing text. That works fine. But when I give an the complete sentence disappears.
Easy to reproduce:

  1. Copy some text (anywhere)
  2. Create a new table with a long text column.
  3. Double click to enter the edit mode screen.
  4. Type some text and do a rightclick Paste and Match Style.
  5. The old text and new pasted text exist
  6. Hit Enter
  7. All gone…

Using Chrome and Cloud version of Seatable

Thanks for the report, I could reproduce this error.