Error 500 when importing Excel file


I have a problem on the on-promise developer version.
when as importing an excel file I get a 500 error, whereas the CSV import works

Can you help me or it is a known bug?

I suppose you cannot export into an XLSX file either. Can you please check?

If this does not work, your network configuration is not correct.

Yes, i cannot export too. But i don’t see what in my net conf is incorrect.

When you are in the seatable container, can you ping the host? I suppose not. Well, there’s the problem.

I can ping my host without problem, when I am in the docker

What do you ping? The LAN IP or the URL?

I ping the LAN IP not the URL

I put my hostname in /etc/hosts and it works now, thanks

Glad to hear!

Keep in mind: Your modification of the hosts file is NOT persisent. You will lose it when you update.

I suggest you use the –add-host flag.

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