Error when I try to upload marketplace plugin [Enterprise Edition]

Hello all, I’m a relatively new user deploying on Digitaloceans ubuntu 20.04/docker image. Everything has gone fairly smoothly so far, however, when I try to upload a plugin from the marketplace I get an error.

When I checked the log it says I’m missing a license file, however, I was under the impression that the enterprise edition was fully featured without a license file for under 3 users.

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

Your impression is right.

And it works. See this video made in one of our test systems (which runs with no license file):

Thank you for the reply.
Given this information, I’m curious why I’m getting this error with this log readout.
Do you have any insight?

I’m certain one of your config files contains a wrong URL.

Thank you for that insight.
What config file could I have the wrong url in that could lead to the deployment requiring a license for plugins?

The only config files I’ve changed are my nginx server config and the docker compose file since this a fresh install.

Would you mind providing the error message or the screenshot of it? Thanks.

here’s a screenshot of the error I received.

I am not sure if there is any link between your problem and this log message. It is a warning; it is not an error.

I am sure that the upload of a plugin does not require the existence of a SeaTable Enterprise license. I tested myself with SeaTable 2.0.

Please make the following test: Create a base, create a picture or file column and try to post an image/a file in this column. Does this work? If it doesn’t, obviously, the problem is not limited to plugins, but there is a general file upload problem.

In order for us to provide efficient support, please post the following:

  • Screenshot from the error message in the web interface when uploading the plugin (please include the browser console in the screenshot - if you don’t know how, here’s the how-to for Google Chrome)
  • SeaTable’s config files (please redact the passwords)