Error when loading images on shared database (with external link) (self-hosted)

Hello everyone. I’ve met an issue when i’'m sharing the DB with external link. I can see all the data except the images. But this is crutial. There’s an examples:

What steps can I do to fix the issue? I’m using self-hosted version of Seatable

Can you please open the browser console and check, if there are any errors?
I am quite sure this is connected to security headers, preventing to load images from other sources.

Show me the browser console and I will try to tell you what you have to configure in your custom-seatable-server.yml.

Sure. This is the screenshot from the console And configuration:

Can you update your SeaTable Server to the latest version?

Updated to the last version:
{“version”:“4.4.9”,“edition”:“enterprise edition”}

Problem is still exists

Interesting thing is that pictures in other tables are showing.

Can you create an account for me, share the base with the account and send me the login via private message?

I’ve prepared the account but I didn’t figured out how to send a private message

Click on the avatar of the user you want to contact (here in the forum) and then click “Message”

I’m not seeing such a button to message

It is possible that you need a certain number of posts before having the permission to message people. In this case: apologies.

Please send your mail to

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