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Hey guys, I’m integrating SeaTable with a system and need to download files/images saved in it. When I retrieve the rows in my table, I get the paths as shown below. As you can see, I have one image and one file. When I make a GET request to those URLs, I cannot download either. I read in the docs that your need to modify that URL and only use what is after the UUID, but sadly that did not work for me. What Am I missing? Thanks.

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Did you mean you followed this documentation: Get A Base’s File Download Link via API Token?

If so, I guess you must have confused the base’s API token with your auth token, or the base’s access token. Here’s how to Create A Base API Token.

With the base API token (not the auth token, not the access token), you can make such a call

curl -X GET '<your path after the UUID>' \
--header 'Authorization: Token <the base API token got from the call above>' \
--header 'Accept: application/json; indent=4' \

and then, you’ll get the following response:

    "download_link": "<base_uuid>/<file_name>"

Download your file with this download link then.

Did this answer your question?

It did. Thanks very much @Karlheinz @rdb

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