Filtering issue with Single choice thru API


I am trying to connect my table with Integromat thru API. (I saw that an official connection is coming, I really looking forward to it).But the meantime I am trying to do my own.
My problem is, I can not use row filtering with single choice columns. Unfortunately the help for filtering is not so proper for API. I was able to figure it out that you can use filter text type with “contains” and “is”. But nothing works for single choice. I tried with “contains”, “is”, “is equal”, “is empty”, but it always gives back all of the rows.

Some pictures:

Is it a know issue, or do you have a solution for this?

Thank you!


welcome to the SeaTable forum!
I guess you are using the API request “List filtered rows”. This API request has been depricated and will be removed from the documentation soon, as there are already other better solutions as alternatives:

  1. List rows in a view can do the same job and better. In this case, you need to separately create views for each filter condition, then list all rows in each view to get what you want.
  2. The SQL query API can do complex queries as well (but this is problematic now in 2.1. The 2.2 will be better with Query API, which will be released next week).
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Thank you for the solution :slight_smile: !