Fine-grained permissions in groups / organizations

We use SeaTable Enterprise and ask ourselves how to set fine-grained access rights within a group or a section (in administration panel, in German: “Bereiche”).


Group “Controlling” contains Bases A, B and C.
Group “Controlling” contains Users X, Y and Z

How can I e.g. authorize user Z only to base A, but not to B and C?

And what is the difference between a group and a range? Unfortunately I didn’t find anything in the documentation about the section.

Hi Daniel,

This is currently not supported. (I am also not sure if such fine-grained group permissions would make sense. It would kind of put the idea of groups on its head.)

Hey Daniel,

short answer:
the logic of SeaTable is simple: every user that is assigned to a group has read and write access to all bases of that group. Create more groups with different members to create a more fine-grained permission.

Long answer:
let me try to explain the different possibilities of SeaTable. I will also try to differenciate between SeaTable Cloud and a self hosted server:

SeaTable Cloud is a shared system. Right now you have teams, groups and users. A team represents a company, a team or just a bunch or people that wanna work together. Teams are separated from each other and you can’t see other teams in The subscription is connected to a team, thus you can not say: half of the users of a team have SeaTable Free and the other half have SeaTable Plus. You have one kind of subscription for all team members.

Inside a team you have groups. Groups contain bases and users are assigend to groups. The logik is simple. Each user that is assigned to a group has write access to the bases of this group.

You find more information about groups in our manual: Groups - SeaTable.

Last hint: I said that teams are separated from each other. SeaTable still allows to share a base to another team (read/write or read-only). But the possibilities to work together with separate teams are quite limited.

SeaTable on-premises
usually on your server you don’t separate teams from each other. On the other hand you have so called “Bereiche” to add users together.

I hope my explanation helps. We will try to enhance our manual as soon as possible.
Best regards

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