Form notes doesn't accept HTML code anymore

Hi everyone !
I recently discovered that the top or bottom notes used in a form, which formerly accepted HTML code (like <i></i>, <h1></h1> or even <img>) now render as plain text, showing the html tags. Is there any reason for that ? Can you correct it ? Thanks in advance (and happy new year by the way :smile_cat: )!



Hi, this is not a bug, but a change in the 2.5.0 due to safety reasons (we are already at 2.6.2 so it’s not new…).

See changelog for 2.5.0: “HTML labels are disabled in the form note”
Version 2.5 (

On the other hand: To compensate for the disabled HTML labels in the form note and the help text, we’ll be supporting rich text (including images) in these fields in the coming 2.8 version! In 2.8, you’ll edit these texts just like editing a long text.

Hi @Karlheinz,
Thanks for your fast reply, I missed the info and didn’t notice this new behavior before. Can’t wait for 2.8 to make my notes beautiful again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: !


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